Healthcare workers get free stays
Healthcare workers get free stays

Healthcare workers fighting coronavirus stay at Le Bijou free of charge

We are Le Bijou, a Swiss hospitality startup that made headlines worldwide with our Covid-19 service. Guests can book our apartments for a quarantine stay while our healthcare partner doublecheck.ch provides medical services to our guests. Guests developing symptoms can request an in-room test for an additional charge.

Our message went around the world

Le Bijou has been featured in some of the largest magazines and newspapers in the world including Forbes, Washington Post, Bloomberg, and USAToday to name a few. While our media exposure drastically increased and we received calls from China, Korea all the way to Brasil, we took the opportunity to find a solution to make sure the 65 people that depend on us don't have to worry about their future.

Switzerland has been completely shut down. The tourism industry will be profoundly affected by a worldwide shutdown. Le Bijou is known to be crisis resistant thanks to its diversified revenue streams from event bookings, overnight- and longterm stays.

However, this crisis is different and made it almost impossible for companies, especially SMEs, to survive. We, therefore, developed an offering that would solve both issues: helping people that are in need and helping Le Bijou.

Besides the Covid-19 offering, we reached out to large corporations, health insurance companies, the government and the wealthiest people in the country to buy overnight stays at Le Bijou at cost. Such stays will be then offered to people in need free of charge. Donors will benefit from our current press hype and it will help to send a signal of hope to the companies in the country that are currently worrying about their existence. So far we haven't had any response from the institutions, individuals, and corporations we reached out to.

We believe that creativity and courage will help all of us through the crisis. SME's need to be creative and find new ways to generate revenues to save jobs. But social responsibility shouldn't be left out!

The cases are increasing exponentially and healthcare systems may collapse under the immense pressure the virus will bring. Le Bijou cannot assist with medical help however, we are doing our best to help the people that need us the most.

If you are working in healthcare and work overtime due to fighting the coronavirus and need a break, you can stay at Le Bijou for free. Recover in one of our in-room SPAs and enjoy our beautiful apartments; maybe even have a glass of champagne. It's free of charge for you until the crisis is over. We make the same offer for people in great need. Just inquire and we will find a solution for you.

While we continue our search for a strong partner that supports our idea, we will continue to reduce costs wherever possible. For the time being, Alexander Hubner, the company’s CEO, will be investing 100% of his salary to cover the costs of such free stays, until the crisis is over. You can join him and donate here!

Mandatory condition: you are in healthcare and work overtime due to the corona-crisis.

To make a booking as a healthcare worker use the coupon code "healthcare" and we will send you available options.