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Worldwide recognition

Seamless from check-in to check out

Le Bijou apartments stand out because they can be operated almost without staff. During the pandemic, our unique approach to high-touch hospitality has gained worldwide recognition from media houses such as The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and more.

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Healthcare, personal chef, food delivery.

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Convert your Le Bijou apartment into a private health center: With external specialists, we provide healthcare services such as nursing, food delivery, and personal chef service - all with utmost hygiene and under medical control.

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24/7 care

Private monitoring

With our healthcare partner, we provide 24/7 personal health monitoring. Our apartments are all centrally located and in immediate proximity to emergency hospitals. 

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Personal chef

Meals, prepared with utmost care.

See how your food is prepared. Our personal chef will meet the highest health-care standards and make sure the meals are prepared to support your health.

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Home office 2.0

Book a Le Bijou apartment as a personal home office and enjoy high-speed fiber-quality internet, food delivery, and a staff-free check-in. We also offer one of the best entertainment programs in the industry.

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Better safe than sorry

In-room Coronavirus Test

You don't need to expose yourself to infected patients and hospital-acquired infections (HAI): Together with our healthcare partner Double Check, we provide medical check-ups and a coronavirus test (if you show heavy symptoms) inside your Le Bijou apartment. 

Double Check Zurich

Avoid Hospital Acquired Infections

Our healthcare partner Double Check Zurich offers private care in Switzerland's most exclusive clinic. Get fast-track access to the most renowned clinicians and cutting-edge treatments.

Double Check Zurich