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5. December 2018

Deluxe hotels in Zurich

By the lake, in the middle of the city or above the rooftops of Zurich: the city’s finest deluxe hotels pamper their guests with 5-star luxury and unique service.
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5. November 2018

Le Bijou on the cover of Swiss Enterpreneurs Magazine

Le Bijou is revolutionizing travel by transforming prime-location residential apartments into the hotel experience of the future.

Madeleine Fallegger, Co-Founder of Le Bijou in an interview with the Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine.

In real estate, “Bijou” is used to describe a race and precious property. In turn, Le Bijou selects the very best apartments and furnishes them in accordance to Swiss contemporary design, providing the service and look of a premium hotel.
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26. October 2018

Tagesanzeiger about apartments in Zurich

Tagesanzeiger mentions the Le Bijou Apartments

In an article “Airbnb für Zureich” the Tagesanzeiger also mentions the apartments of Le Bijou. Here are excerpts from the part of the article related to Le Bijou:
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5. October 2018

Designer hotels in Zurich

With the high demands they place on architecture and interior design, these hotels are the perfect place to stay for design enthusiasts.
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16. August 2018

Le Bijou founders voted by the Who is Who in Zurich among the 200 most prominent personalities

Innovative, surprising and state of the art. The business Madeleine Fallegger and Alexander Hübner have been running since 2015 in Kreis 1 at Münsterhof is a big success.
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14. August 2018

SRF (Swiss Radio & Television) reports about Le Bijou

4000 Swiss francs for the feeling of being a Zurich citizen.

When a person travels, she often lands on the Internet platform Airbnb and rents a room, an apartment or a house there. Among them are not only bargain hunters. Clever young entrepreneurs are therefore opening up a new market in the high-price segment. They have secured exclusive apartments in top locations in major Swiss cities and offer them as furnished luxury apartments.
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18. July 2018

Le Bijou in “Der Bund”: Second Life for Luxury Apartments

The number of vacant, expensive apartments is rising. How a start-up makes a lucrative business out of it. Read more

15. July 2018

Le Bijou in the Berner Zeitung: Second Life for Luxury Apartments

The number of vacant, expensive apartments is rising. How a start-up makes a lucrative business out of it. Read more

19. February 2018

Le Bijou gets featured in National Geographic Traveler, European Cities

225 of the world’s most amazing places.

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23. January 2018

New, different and special: a wedding with Le Bijou

Exciting, unforgettable, especially, it should be surprising. The own wedding. We all want individuality and uniqueness – the most beautiful day in life should also express this. Le Bijou creates tailor-made weddings in its luxury apartments in prime locations.
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