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13. October 2016

The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding

From the Credit Suisse Real Estate Market Research 2016.

Crowdfunding is nothing new. The pedestal of the Statue of Liberty was built using the financial resources of a large group of people – some donating substantial amounts, some donating less, all aiming to be a part of something bigger than one person alone.
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23. September 2016

Experience is the new luxury

The old ways just won’t cut it anymore. Travelers are expecting more and more from the trips they take and the brands they take them with. Experiential travel is the new luxury – a private cookery class, a local tour, an enriching experience that feels personal and special.

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14. August 2016

Why community is important to us

We think financing is a vital but also very personal aspect of a business. It connects the vision, the heart of a company with the people who believe in it. For us, this aspect clearly had to be part of the bond.

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13. July 2016

Ex Apple & Pepsi CEO about Le Bijou

The first tech brand to digitalise the luxury hotel industry: A virtual concierge system makes Le Bijou the hotel-experience of the future, creating a new, more intimate experience for guests. Our digital concierge system James and interactive interiors make every stay perfectly personalised: crafted and managed by bits and bytes.

Each Le Bijou apartment is fitted with this interactive technology which is connected to our concierge service. Not only is James a virtual concierge, but our unique technology concept has the ability to learn from interactions, working away invisibly in the background to create a personalised and organic experience for every Le Bijou stay. With our interactive app, everything is just a tap away.
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11. May 2016

Steve Wozniak about Le Bijou

Le Bijou, the first tech brand to digitalise the luxury hotel industry. Le Bijou brings the traditional hotel into the 21st century. This is an age when we want it all – and Le Bijou provides that.
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