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Le Bijou, where legends experience the future.

“Le Bijou - the MOST elegant, personalized, exclusive hotel in the world (and I stay in over 100 hotels every year).”

“What Le Bijou has accomplished is to put all of the things that otherwise would be very complex for a traveler into a very simple and elegant experience.”

"For our high-end luxury line, we wanted to host a one-of-a-kind event and we found all of this with Le Bijou."

"When I visited the apartment I could only say wow!"

"The best night of my life was here."

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"Great premises that are very versatile and will never lose their glamor."

„The well-engineered and advanced technology makes Le Bijou the perfect partner for Samsung.“

„Our cooperation with Le Bijou has been phenomenal from the beginning with great results in revenue but also by helping each other innovating our companies.”

"Whether it’s a celebration with one or 100 guests, a business trip or a VIP stay, Le Bijou is an ideal location."

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"Five star resort in a private apartment. Impressive design elements that will make you never want to leave. Loved it!"

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"A 6 star experience in the heart of town: Swiss luxury redefined! A new star is born."

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“Le Bijou is a very reliable, professional and service oriented partner that I can highly recommend.“

„Success has proven Le Bijou right: rates of return from which classic hotels and other
companies can only dream of.“

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“Le Bijou is awesome; car, people, driver - I recommend them. They are the best!”

"If I wouldn't be in the stadium, I would watch the world cup at Le Bijou."

"Clever young entrepreneurs have discovered a lucrative new market."

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„Having low fixed costs is an advantage in the hotel industry. Le Bijou can manage the cost
pressure better than hotels that have to pay salaries for hundreds of employees.“

"At Le Bijou you can feel the passion for their vision everywhere.“

"The advantage Le Bijou has are the low operating costs: everything is automated!"