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Le Bijou, where legends experience the future.

“Le Bijou - the MOST elegant, personalized, exclusive hotel in the world (and I stay in over 100 hotels every year).”

“What Le Bijou has accomplished is to put all of the things that otherwise would be very complex for a traveler into a very simple and elegant experience.”

"When I visited the apartment I could only say wow!"

"The best night of my life was here."

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„The well-engineered and advanced technology makes Le Bijou the perfect partner for Samsung.“

"Five star resort in a private apartment. Impressive design elements that will make you never want to leave. Loved it!"

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"A 6 star experience in the heart of town: Swiss luxury redefined! A new star is born."

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“Le Bijou is awesome; car, people, driver - I recommend them. They are the best!”

"If I wouldn't be in the stadium, I would watch the world cup at Le Bijou."

"At Le Bijou you can feel the passion for their vision everywhere.“