How to plan the perfect corporate retreat
How to plan the perfect corporate retreat

We’ve heard that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… Which is why we have opened up our apartments for business events. With their technological multimedia amenities and easy-access city centre locations, Le Bijou is the perfect location to mix business with pleasure in presentations, meetings, executive dinners or even a few days on an off-site.

And if you are planning an employee work-cation this year, we’ve picked up some of the best tips to make sure your off-site runs perfectly.

  1. Set clear goals. People should have a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve from the off-site. Every meeting, presentation or activity should in some way refer back to these. After all, the aim isn’t just to have a jolly weekend with co-workers, but to make real strides in strategy, office environment and team efficiency. If participants aren’t sure what the goals are, they can’t be expected to achieve them.
  2. Stick to the plan – but be flexible. Have a clear schedule, but allow for shifts in focus to account for valuable conversations and debates that run on, changes in topic, and rise or fall in energy levels. There’s no point starting a new topic at 12 if everyone’s desperate for lunch; similarly, why not continue the conversation into cocktails if there are some inspiring exchanges happening? Our flexible locations mean that you have plenty of options. Also allow for peer-led planning. Your employees have good ideas – that’s why you hired them, after all. Let them make suggestions of topics. It means they feel like they have a stake in the schedule and you get to see what is on their mind.
  3. Maintain a dialogue. Sure, PowerPoint presentations have their place (and they look great on our large, interactive screens), but a day of screen staring doesn’t sound fun. Make sure there is a constant back-and-forth throughout the agenda, allowing employees to debate opinions, have their say and get to know one another a bit better.
  4. What goes on tour stays on tour. Assure participants that they are in a trusted and confidential environment and should feel free to speak up. Hosting the retreat in a relaxed setting such as our stylish residential apartments encourages people to let their guard down a bit.
  5. Include group activities. With the above in mind, it’s also a good idea to schedule in some group activities. These don’t have to be organized – although Le Bijou can suggest classes, tours and speakers – and can be a simple as cooking a meal together in our fully-equipped professional kitchens.
  6. Provide opportunities to learn. This can be through a class, as mentioned above, or by inviting a motivational speaker such as Swiss explorer Mike Horn, who is currently attempting the first circumnavigation of the globe via the two poles, over land and sea with a Mercedes G class and his ship, Pangea.
  7. Schedule some down time. No matter how well your team gets along, they need their space. Offer relaxed time during the day to reflect as a group, and down time in the evenings for people to collect themselves before meeting for dinner. Le Bijou apartments are situated in close proximity to one another in a city, making them convenient for groups who need to get back together.
  8. Choose an inspirational setting. If you’re not looking out of the window at a great view, or at a location with plenty of opportunity to explore, then you might as well have stayed in the office… Le Bijou apartments are not only kitted out with the latest and greatest conference technology and multimedia, they are also beautiful environments for both work and play. Wifi across the apartment means that employees can stay in touch, or work on projects in conference spaces, and in more relaxed and flexible environments. Plus, our city centre locations are right at the heart of the action, meaning that day or night there’s plenty to see and do with your colleagues.

*Le Bijou apartments are also available for client events, photoshoots, product launches and more.