Muslim 5-Star Traveling Guide to Zurich
Muslim 5-Star Traveling Guide to Zurich

Zurich, with its scenic views, green parks, vibrant urban life, museums, galleries, a top-notch shopping experience, and view of snowy peaks, attract travelers from the whole world. Whether you plan out your halal long-stay furlough, being equipped with all the essential information on accommodations, food places, and entertainment will help you stay more confident in a foreign town.

View from city center onto river Limmat and Lake Zurich

Since Zurich is rather Muslim-friendly, you shouldn’t have issues locating halal restaurants, hotels or a mosque. We’ve picked halal air carriers, must-see attractions, and the great entertainment centers, in addition to the hottest luxury accommodations welcoming Muslims and top eateries serving halal food that you can include to your Muslim-friendly itinerary.

Enjoy International Flights to Zurich with Halal Meals and Ramadan Services

When going on a trip by plane, you want to know that the airline you have chosen serves halal food. Fortunately, there are enough air carriers supporting Halal flights (where food is prepared according to Islamic requirements and prayer time is announced).

Malaysia's first Islamic airline

A myriad of airlines implemented improvements in terms of in-flight services to welcome Muslim clients on board. Malaysia’s air carrier adopted Islamic-compliant program and started serving halal food, as well as dressed the crew in the appropriate attire. 

The following airlines offer halal meals, as opposed to MOML meals (which means just menu options without pork or alcohol), and Ramadan in-flight services. 





Alcohol Served

Halal Certification



24 hours in advance


Fully certified

Etihad Airways




All standard meals are halal

Qatar Airways



All meals are halal

Singapore Airlines


24 hours in advance


Not certified

Thai Airways


During booking


Not certified

Turkish Airlines




All meals are halal

Air France


24 hours in advance


Not verified


Halal Restaurants in Zurich

Delicious halal food in Zurich

When planning your next holiday in the mountainous Central European country, Muslim travelers may feel concerned about where to have a good meal. However, there’s no need to worry — halal restaurants are pretty simple to locate. Although there is a lot of Muslim-friendly public catering in Zurich, we’ve decided to highlight only a few of them that, in our opinion, are worth mentioning.

1. Za’atar Restaurant

Delicious meal at Za'atar restaurant

Those searching for a restaurant serving halal food in Zurich may find Za’atar just perfect. They offer genuine and delightful Lebanese specialties (such as meze, shawarma, and falafel, of course).  

  • Location: Brauerstrasse 78, 8004 Zurich 
  • Nearest train station: Zurich Hauptbahnhof and Hardbrücke 
  • Landmarks close by: Zurich Zoo, Swiss National Museum, Old Town, Lindenhof, Lake Zurich, and Bürkliplatz

2. Yalla Habibi

Yalla Habibi restaurant interior

The second restaurant serving Muslim-friendly food in Zurich belongs to Yalla Habibi. Their mutton kebabs and vegetarian mezze are highly rated. This place offers a cozy vibe and delicious meals for you and your family. 

3. New Point

New Point Limmatstrasse interior

New Point is a Sila Halal certified fast-food eatery in Zurich. They serve Oriental, Mediterranean and Turkish specialty meals. 

  • Location: Limmatstrasse 50, 8005 Zurich 
  • Nearest station: Zurich Hauptbahnhof
  • Landmarks close by: Museum of Design, Swiss National Museum, Platzspitz park, Klingenpark, Limmat river 

4. Taj Palace

Taj Palace

Aside from a good menu that includes halal chicken, beef, and lamb (booking in advance recommended for mutton), the Taj Palace Muslim-friendly restaurant boasts a scenic river view which is certain to impress you. 

  • Location: Hoenggerstrasse 25, 8037 Zurich 
  • Nearest station: Zurich Hauptbahnhof
  • Landmarks close by: Museum of Design, Kunsthalle Art Exhibition Center in Zurich, Old Town, Limmat river

5. Mohini

Mohini restaurant interior

Vegetarian food cooked according to principles of Ayurveda (one of the famous Eastern healing systems) in conjunction with 100% organic, farm-to-table products make Mohini attractive to most Muslims. 

  • Location: Weinbergstrasse 15, 8001 Zurich 
  • Nearest station: Zurich Hauptbahnhof
  • Landmarks close by: Old Town, Swiss National Museum, Museum of Art, Bahnhofstrasse, Zoological Museum, Center Library, Town Hall, Limmatquai street, Platzspitz park

Best Movie Theaters in Zurich

If you’re used to going to the cinema in your native town, you don’t have to deny yourself your favorite pastime in Zurich, especially if you plan a long stay here. Further on is a listing of Muslim-friendly entertainment centers where you can watch movies, including in English, go shopping, or have a meal.  

1. Kosmos

Kosmos cinema in Zurich

  • Location: Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Za’atar Restaurant, New Point
  • Nearest station: a few minutes walk Zurich Hauptbahnhof
  • Landmarks close by: Niederdorf with Lindenhof hillock in historical center, Swiss National Museum, Bahnhofstrasse, Josefwiese park, Islamic Cultural Association Center

2. Arena Cinemas

Arena Cinemas in Zurich

  • Location: Kalanderplatz 8, 8045 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Yalla Habibi, Za’atar Restaurant, New Point
  • Nearest station: a 15 minutes walk from Zurich Hauptbahnhof
  • Landmarks close by: Rietberg Museum, Lake Zurich and Bürkliplatz, Bellevue Square

3. Kino Stüssihof

Kino Stüssihof summer set-up outside

  • Location: Stuessihofstatt 13, 8001 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Yalla Habibi, Taj Palace, Za’atar Restaurant, New Point
  • Nearest station: Rathaus
  • Landmarks close by: Zurich Town Hall, Old Town, Lindenhof, Limmat river, Museum of Art, Lake Zurich and Bürkliplatz, Zoological Museum, Swiss National Museum, Zurich Opera 

4. Corso

Korso Kitag Cinemas in Zurich

  • Location: Theaterstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Yalla Habibi, New Point, Mohini 
  • Nearest station: Bahnhof Stadelhofen
  • Landmarks close by: Old Town, Town Hall, Bürkliplatz, Museum of Art, Lindenhof, Zurich Opera, Bellevue Square

5. Kino Metropol

 Kino Metropol in Zurich

  • Location: Badenerstrasse 16, 8004 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Yalla Habibi, New Point, Mohini
  • Nearest station: Selnau
  • Landmarks close by: Old Town, Town Hall, Paradeplatz, Limmat river, Bahnhofstrasse, Lake Zurich, Lindenhof, Bellevue Square, Museum of Art

Top Muslim-Friendly Hotels to Stop at in Zurich

And of course, there are hotels and apartments in Zurich that cater to different cultures and can comfortably accommodate you for any period of time. Here’s our list to help you pick a Muslim-friendly hotel in Switzerland.

1. Le Bijou

Luxirious apartment hotel Le Bijou in Zurich

Le Bijou offers apartment-hotels in Zurich and all over Switzerland with 5-star service. Le Bijou provides you with non-pork food, cooking halal meat, and driving you to the mosque in private cars. 

The Le Bijou owners take care of the privacy and tranquility of their guests, and the appart-hotel is found to be the best halal hotel in Zurich that is happy to provide accommodation to Muslims as well. You’ll be impressed to know that a UAE princess along with over 20 attendants have recently rented the whole building for a 3-month stay. 

  • Location: Münsterhof 6, 8001 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Za’atar Restaurant, Yalla Habibi, New Point
  • Nearest station: about a 10 minutes walk to Stadelhofen
  • Landmarks close by: Old Town, Bahnhofstrasse, Limmatquai and the Town Hall, Bürkliplatz

2. Crowne Plaza Zurich 

Crowne Plaza hotel in Zurich

Another halal hotel in Switzerland is Crowne Plaza Zurich. They have a room for community prayers, and provide prayer mats. The hotel’s kitchen can also cook halal food upon request or during Ramadan. 

  • Location: Badenerstrasse 420, 8040 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Yalla Habibi, Taj Palace, New Point, Za’atar Restaurant
  • Nearest station: 10 minutes walk to Hardbrücke
  • Landmarks close by: Kunsthaus Zurich, Medical Museum, Old Town, Bahnhofstrasse, Museum of Design, Swiss National Museum, Bürkliplatz

3. Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel 

Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel terrace

Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel is one more Muslim-friendly hotel in Zurich. Delivering non-pork food is guaranteed here. In case you prefer to eat out, there are enough halal restaurants close to the hotel. 

  • Location: Turbinenstrasse 20, 8005 Zurich 
  • Nearest Halal restaurants: Yalla Habibi, Taj Palace, New Point
  • Nearest station: Hardbrücke
  • Landmarks close by: Swiss National Museum, Zurich Opera House, Museum of Design, Old Town, Bahnhofstrasse, Lindenhof, Josefwiese park

Must-See Cultural Sights in Zurich for a 2+ Months Stay

If you intend to reside in Zurich for a longer period, you don’t have to worry about how to spend your leisure time. The capital of Switzerland is ready to pamper you with a variety of museums, picturesque walking streets, parks, and mosques. Here an approximate route aimed to help you be on your toes to explore this beautiful Swiss city. 

1. Go to Madni Masjid for Prayer

Established as a Muslim Society in Zurich, Madni Masjid is meant to ensure a place of worship to Muslims inhabiting Zurich and those coming in as travelers. Including a female prayer section in addition to a functions room, Madni Masjid provides the necessary space where you can say a prayer alongside the Muslim community when spending your holidays in Zurich.  

2. Marvel At Architecture In the Old Town

Zurich Old Town view from the river

Without a doubt, the Old Town, with its outstanding 19-century architecture and cobblestone promenades, is a fascinating part of Zurich. This is a great place to start getting to know the town. In addition to multiple restaurants, galleries, and stores nestled in the Old Town, you’ll also experience a scenic view of Lake Zurich, which is especially beautiful at sunset. 

3. Explore Zurich From the Water: Lake Zurich and Bürkliplatz

Bürkliplatz is usually considered to be a boat dock. However, not many people know that it’s the second largest market, as well as event space, in Zurich, overlooking the Swiss Alps and Lake Zurich. Besides, you will have an opportunity to catch the vegetable market twice a week, flea market every Saturday, sports events, and more. From here, you can keep on exploring the city from the water by getting a tour of Lake Zurich. Let a boat cruise happen in your life if you’re staying here for a while, you won’t regret it. 

4. Treat Yourself to Luxury Shopping at Bahnhofstrasse (and the Bahnhof)

Bahnhofstrasse — the central shopping district — subtly suggests that it is high time to go shopping. Fashion shops comprising the fanciest and most luxurious brands live on this street starting at the Zurich main station. Spend your whole day enjoying shopping, observing the old architectural wonders, and just taking a walk.

5. Go For a Stroll Along Limmat River: Limmatquai and the Rathaus

Limmatquai is a pedestrian quayside across the Old Town along the Limmat river. It encourages you to take a peek inside the fashionable shops, walk without a hurry, and savor the view of Zurich Town Hall (where the city and district parliaments usually meet).

6. Get Closer to the History of Switzerland at the Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum

Zurich can boast a whole lot of museums, but still, the Swiss National Museum, or Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, is the main art museum in this stunning mountainous Central European country. Not only can you feel a touch of the Swiss history here, but also explore a vast array of local and religious artifacts including the gothic and porcelain collections, wooden statuaries, canvases, and carved altars. 

The Swiss National Museum is a short distance away from the Old Town and Zurich Lake.

7. Visit the Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo

If you’re traveling to Zurich with children and they get excited at the mere mention of the animal kingdom, the Zurich Zoo is definitely worth seeing. It takes up more than 27 acres and houses over 350 species of animals, becoming the largest and most sought-after attraction in Zurich. When spending time at the zoo, make sure to visit Masoala Hall, a man-made rainforest. 

8. Confiserie Sprüngli: Confectioner's Cafe

Don’t just limit yourself to visiting museums, strolling the streets, or spending time in parks. The Swiss are known for their high-grade chocolate and Confiserie Sprungli is a Muslim-friendly cafe where you can give it a taste. It is actually the oldest chocolatier in Zurich, established in the first half of the 19th century. They offer gelatine-free and pork-free products, and the alcohol-containing ones are properly marked.

9. Climb Uetliberg: Recreation in Zurich

Beautiful view of Uetliberg

Uetliberg is a little mountain (about 900m above the sea level) overlooking the town, river, lake, and even a piece of the Alps. No matter when you decide to visit Zurich and climb the hill, you’ll by no means be disappointed. Late autumn covers the town with fog, making the summit peer over it. During winter time, you’ll enjoy sledding runs from the mountain top, while in summer you can join the hiking or mountain biking routes near the panoramic walking trail ( the Planet Trail). 

Closing Thoughts

Zurich is a fascinating European city, so it attracts people from the whole world, and Muslim travelers are not an exception. Nevertheless, the first steps to planning your halal furlough should be focusing on proper meals, traveling, and accommodations. 

Within this article, we went over the best venues in Zurich that serve halal food, hotels, and apartments that cater to the culture. Zurich has many picturesque and entertaining landmarks for your leisure, fun pass-time with friends or family. Whether you opt for staying in the privacy of an apartment or a bustling inn, you can be sure that Zurich will welcome you for any duration of stay.